About us

The summer camp concept came about at a time when local schools were phasing out cooking classes. The soaring popularity of the televised cooking programs left creative kids with an interest but no opportunity. I was a teacher and listened to so many students express their disappointment about cooking classes being eliminated, that with the encouragement of a number of talented chefs, Fun Food Cooking Camp was born! It was such a hit it quickly became a sold-out summer favorite. After two years many of the young chefs out grew the qualifying age requirements, but still wanted to participate, so Fun Food Baking Camp arrived! Currently there are two weeks of each camp offered every summer.

The classes are held at Lower Cape May Regional High School located on Rt. 9 in Lower Township, Cape May County, NJ. and is sponsored by the Lower Township Recreation Dept. The camp has been in operation for 10 years under the direction of ā€œVā€ Adams, a certified instructor with over 30 years teaching experience, and a talented, professional staff of assistants.