Cooking Camp

Cooking Camp is a fantastic basic and beyond introduction to all things food. For the first three days the young chefs prepare meals “with a twist”, learn and practice kitchen safety and clean-up, follow recipes, cooperate with partners and use their imaginations to uniquely personalize their creations. In addition they will utilize measuring techniques specific to a variety of ingredients as edible math and science comes alive! As the week progresses, they can look forward to making homemade ice cream and bake and decorate a cake “from scratch”. Your children will acquire tips on healthy eating, uncover the mystery of digestion and become “experts” in the field of table settings and dining etiquette. This confidence building experience is truly a whirlwind colorful and flavorful food, new friends and fun. The enthusiasm and pride they exude when they show and share at day’s end is incomparable! Recipes change each session in case you want to participate in more than one. Cooking camp is highly recommended as a pre-requisite to baking camp.