***Does my child have to have completed the designated grade for Cooking Camp?

Pre-K into K: The size of the furniture and equipment, time on task, ability to follow written and verbal directions and execute tasks that utilize fine motor skills and simply the length of time itself (“I miss my Mommy”) does not lend itself to younger than grade 1.

Example: K into 1st or 6th into 7th is OK.

***My child is 3rd into 4th, can they take Baking Camp?

Baking Camp requires lots of measuring, reading and following direction. Not to mention the physical strength it takes to knead the dough or handle the electric mixer at length. A younger child may become fatigued or discouraged without prior experience. So my suggestion: unless your child is older, the Cooking Camp experience is extremely valuable

Example: 3rd into 4th with several Cooking Camp experiences could be OK, even 8th into 9th is still fine.

*** We are not local residents.

Both camps are open to any age appropriate child whether a year round resident or summer visitor from any country, state or municipality.

***My child is allergic.

We exclude recipes and ingredients that may cause health hazards in children who are allergic, as long as you make it known at registration prior to the start of the camp week. I can usually make last minute accommodations for just your child as long as I know prior to the start of the day.

*** My child does not like certain foods.

Part of the experience is to entice children to try what they’ve made. Each of the food items the kids make will go to your home each day. We encourage everyone to “enjoy this fabulous looking, wonderful smelling, etc. etc. recipe”. In other words, eating the food is ultimately going to occur at home, your call.

*** May I stay?

No, sorry. The space in which we work is just too small to handle extra people. If you would like to photograph your child, we arrange all the food into a photogenic arrangement at pick up time and you are certainly welcome to bring a camera each and every day!

*** Can I simply drop the kids off?

Please make sure you walk your children into and out of the classroom each day for security purposes and also to assist them in carrying their projects home.